Gets Over You reviews:

"Even in the wake of Amy Winehouse, Adele, and all the other artists that surprised critics and audiences with the authenticity of their takes on storied genres, vocalist Stefanie Berecz’s performance on this album is still something to behold. " – Pittsburgh City Paper

"This is one of my favorite albums of the year, hands down." – Nashville Scene

“[D]amn, Gets Over You is one hell of a way to avoid a sophomore slump.”  – Gapers Block

“The group, fronted by powerful leading lady, Stefanie Berecz, breathes new life into the torch, soul, and R&B traditions. If Joss Stone fronted Fitz and the Tantrums, you might end up with something like what The Right Now have accomplished on this record.”  – The Vinyl District

“A damn great step forward for The Right Now…”  – Dusty Groove

“Chicago is a pretty soul-filled town, but for my money, no one is exploring the genre as excitingly as The Right Now.”
– The Onion AV Club

Carry Me Home reviews:

“Straight from Memphis by way of Chicago, The Right Now are one of our favorite bands right now. It’s time for an encore, brothers and sisters, from the crew that marches to the beat of Motown, has the soul of Stax and plays the game just like Chess and Checker.” – MP3.COM

“The Chicago soul band fronted by vocalist Stefanie Berecz delivers a sweet slab of funk from Carry Me Home.” – USA TODAY

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