"Too Late" music video is out!

Dear fans, we're happy to share this video for "Too Late," from the Starlight album. Directed by Seth Thompson of Epiglotic and Green Frog studios with a concept by our own Stefanie Berecz, this is a burner of a video. Stef conveys all the indignation and pain of the song, while still having a lot of fun telling her ex-lover to eat shit. Stef performed it so well, and Seth captured it so well, and the rest of us just played ourselves...and the result was magic. 

Seth, by the way, is responsible for all of our photo shoots, and he shot the live footage from our video for "He Used To Be." He's an old friend and we're proud to debut this new video -- which we made in Grand Rapids, MI on the first day of our recent Starlight tour. 

Enjoy - and share with your friends!