Track by Track 7/10: Postcard

In an attempt to shine a light on each individual song on Starlight, we’re doing a blog series entitled “Track by Track.” Each week a different member of TRN will write about the 10 songs that make up our new album.


"Postcard" is a fun song about fun times and fun things, such as writing and sending various correspondence through the United States Postal Service, including letters and postcards.  It’s also about fun things like taking long walks and standing out in the rain all night long. 

"Postcard" is good and will stick with you.  In a sense "Postcard" will never leave you.  

"Postcard" will be with you, always.  

The best part of "Postcard" is the story, which is very realistic and also true.  It is basically a universal tale, old as time itself.  Literally everyone:

Once again, you find yourself restless in bed late at night, unable to resist the thoughts.  You’ve been here before.  Dreaming, but not asleep.  You yearn for something that you know may never be delivered.  Satisfaction eludes you; a rigid 3.5 by 5 inch parcel that will never arrive.

~~Just send me a postcard, baby~~~ ~~ ~~ ~

The Right Now has long been dedicated to raising awareness for the exciting and misunderstood world of deltiology.  Hence, "Postcard."

"Postcard" might seem silly to some people, and that’s okay.  It’s okay that "Postcard" is silly, because of "the hook."  

Some say that the ancients believed that "the hook" was the most important aspect of every pop song, though we can’t yet confirm.


"Postcard" will be with you, always.  

Please enjoy,