Track by Track 3/10: Too Late

In an attempt to shine a light on each individual song on Starlight, we’re doing a blog series entitled “Track by Track.” Each week a different member of TRN will write about the 10 songs that make up our new album.


Living comfortably and confidently as track six on Starlight is one of my favorite songs on the new record.  "Too Late" is a strong tune that Brendan initially wrote with a male R&B/Soul singer in mind.  After sending the song my way to give a listen, I was quick to let Brendan know that I wanted a crack at it first.  "Too Late" was brought to the group at a time when the TRN catalog was growing and our lineup was shifting a bit with the plan of a third album in our future.  And when we finally spent time making the song “ours,” I can remember feeling even more convinced that what we had going was something really special.

"Too Late" evokes such strength and drive in the opening seconds. From the moment Lucas leads the band in, you are served up an attention-grabbing intro that is sure to make you hang around for what’s next. Before I go any further, can we just take a second and give all the praise and hi-fives to the horns on this tune?  MY WORD. I think I did a mental backflip (I can’t do a real one) after hearing the horn arrangement for the first time in rehearsal. Jimmy wrote such stand out parts that elevate sections of this tune to new heights. Don’t get me started on how my body and soul reacts from 1:16 – 1:24.  Check it!

This was one of the first songs I recorded for Starlight and I knew I wanted the vocals strong, yet vulnerable. I think we accomplished that.  The song speaks to a tug-of-war with love and what it might feel like when you are on the verge of giving up for good.  The verses are my opportunity to tell the story on the edge of being a pissed off ex-lover, adding a tasteful amount of grit to each phrase.  Delivering the hook’s repeated and simple melodic message needed to happen with ease and certainty. I can remember singing the line “But now it’s too late…too late” with a nasty smirk on my face to get there.   The call-and-response bridge that includes the amazing Devin Thompson and Sarah Marie Young layering such rich warm vocals is a great send off to the final chorus.  They both knocked it out of the park for me on this one.

"Too Late," for me, is a complete package and I can only hope that you all are vibin’ off it as much as I am.  SPOILER ALERT: we are making a MF music video for this one in a week.  Stay tuned…