Relix Magazine debuts TRN's "Everything Is Broken"

New song! "Everything Is Broken," a heavy tale of greed and corruption and heartache, is the third song from Starlight to see the light of day (no pun intended). Relix Magazine debuted the song on Feb 20. 

As TRN's Brendan O'Connell described in Relix's write-up, "I wanted to write a song that related a story of riches, disillusionment, and possible redemption. Even though we are years past the financial crisis, I think the message still applies today. Many of us strive and strive to succeed and make money without really thinking about if it will make us happy (or how our actions could indirectly hurt others)."

Fuzzed-out guitar opens the track, and the band takes us through a head-nodding groove over which Stefanie lays out the story of a lobbyist who comes to a little soul-searching later in life. Heavy stuff for heavy times.

Thanks, Relix, for getting this tune out there, and thanks Vijay for producing a great track!