Postcard Streaming Now!

Oh man, are we excited for this one. Here's our new single "Postcard" 

We're grateful to Substream Magazine for debuting this track yesterday. The full writeup is here. I love their description of the tune: 

"Postcard” is a soul-bearing, slowjam-influenced pop anthem that builds and builds throughout its five-minute runtime, eventually erupting in a massive instrumental foundation fronted by Stef Berecz’s powerful vocal prowess. It’s the kind of track that brings the best of ’90s R&B to mind while also feeling fresh within the current pop landscape—one that’s ever crowded with indecipherable similarities."

Thanks Substream!

We've been working on this tune for years and it's so gratifying to finally share it with the world. It's definitely a departure from our retro-soul leanings in the past, but I think it displays the dynamics and beauty of Stef's voice like nothing else we've done. 

Enjoy it!