STARLIGHT is here!

We're very proud of this, the new-as-of-this-moment album from The Right Now. Enjoy it - ten tracks that are five years in the making. This is Starlight.

Our thanks go to Vijay Tellis-Nayak for producing a hell of an album, and all the talented musicians who helped us make it. 

Listen below, or stream it at Spotify and iTunes - or get your blue vinyl or CD copy at our store!

Relix Magazine debuts TRN's "Everything Is Broken"

New song! "Everything Is Broken," a heavy tale of greed and corruption and heartache, is the third song from Starlight to see the light of day (no pun intended). Relix Magazine debuted the song on Feb 20. 

As TRN's Brendan O'Connell described in Relix's write-up, "I wanted to write a song that related a story of riches, disillusionment, and possible redemption. Even though we are years past the financial crisis, I think the message still applies today. Many of us strive and strive to succeed and make money without really thinking about if it will make us happy (or how our actions could indirectly hurt others)."

Fuzzed-out guitar opens the track, and the band takes us through a head-nodding groove over which Stefanie lays out the story of a lobbyist who comes to a little soul-searching later in life. Heavy stuff for heavy times.

Thanks, Relix, for getting this tune out there, and thanks Vijay for producing a great track! 

Postcard Streaming Now!

Oh man, are we excited for this one. Here's our new single "Postcard" 

We're grateful to Substream Magazine for debuting this track yesterday. The full writeup is here. I love their description of the tune: 

"Postcard” is a soul-bearing, slowjam-influenced pop anthem that builds and builds throughout its five-minute runtime, eventually erupting in a massive instrumental foundation fronted by Stef Berecz’s powerful vocal prowess. It’s the kind of track that brings the best of ’90s R&B to mind while also feeling fresh within the current pop landscape—one that’s ever crowded with indecipherable similarities."

Thanks Substream!

We've been working on this tune for years and it's so gratifying to finally share it with the world. It's definitely a departure from our retro-soul leanings in the past, but I think it displays the dynamics and beauty of Stef's voice like nothing else we've done. 

Enjoy it!




We've been lucky enough to do a few live television appearances over the years. It's always harrowing--a whole lot of early load-ins (here's to you WREG in Memphis), soundstage shenanigans, and a lot of "hurry up and wait" before you get 2-3 minutes to strut your stuff. Once the red lights flash on the cameras, however, adrenaline takes over and the performance always flies by. 

The kind folks at ABC in Chicago asked us to be on their midday program Windy City Live and we were happy to oblige. This was a stacked show: Peter Sagal of NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me and Charlie Day of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Horrible Bosses were we ran into our first manager, Jill Katona.

Stef and Jilly Katona!

Stef and Jilly Katona!

It's always sunny between Stef and Charlie.

It's always sunny between Stef and Charlie.

It was a blast. We performed the first track from Starlight, "Love You Better." Click here to view the video! Thanks again to all the folks at WLS for having us on!

"Too Late" single debuts!

Amid the champagne and streamers at TRN headquarters, we're proud to announce the debut of our new single "Too Late"  -- our first new release since 2012! We're grateful to Live For Live Music's blog for debuting our song to the world. Listen here: 

The Starlight album, out February 24th, represents a big move forward for The Right Now in terms of concept and sound -- although "Too Late" may be the track most fitting of the band's past work. There's enough old-school soul to keep their fans happy, but hold on to your hat when the rest of the album kicks in later this month! For those interested, here are the lyrics to "Too Late."

We're very excited to share this music with you, and thanks for getting our music out there. Enjoy!

Pre-order Starlight!

We're proud to announce that our new album, Starlight, is available for pre-order on Cd and Vinyl. Click here to order your copy and make sure it's in your hands by the release date, February 24th.

The vinyl is going to be something special: 150g, translucent blue vinyl, and a special lyric insert. We had it mastered differently for vinyl by Grammy winning engineer Rich Breen (the physical particulars of the vinyl format mean that you can't just plop any old audio on an LP and expect it to sound good). The Starlight LP is an 8 song version of the album, but it comes with a digital download that gets you all 10 tunes. 

Anyhow, this is all very exciting. Here's a brief video we made with a sneak peek of one of the tunes!




So this is the new site, born on Jan 1, 2017. Look around, enjoy, listen to some tunes, and say hi to us. This year is going to be a fun one for The Right Now - releasing and touring in support of Starlight is going to be a blast; we're really proud of the record. 

Check back here at the News page for tour announcements, giveaways, album-related news, and other fun stuff. Be good to each other this year, and we'll see you on the road!


The Right Now