What I Learned from Watching the Grammys

Stef's thoughts on the 2013 Grammy Awards: 1. While running in place and performing a song that references Forrest Gump make sure you have warmed up.  It could go terribly wrong.

2. When giving an acceptance speech always thank the swap meet!

3. Deep side parts on men aren’t so bad after all.

4. Butterflies being projected onto an oversized white prom dress is a letdown.

5. You can stop the entire show by walking out in a black hoodie, black shades, and a cane.

But your name has to be Prince.

6. There is a country version of Justin Beiber.  Yikes.

7. John Mayer looks like Edward Scissorhands more than ever!  Bigger YIKES.

8. You are golden if you get asked to do a tribute.

9. Finally, I STILL want one of my own! LL said it best at the beginning of the night. “A Grammy isn’t a shiny thing to hold onto.  A Grammy is a dream come true.”

Cheers to all of the inspiring performances and congrats to the winners. Till next year…