TRN returns to the Stage!

TRN_CIMMFest_Poster copy It's been a long time coming. It's time to dust off the mics, throw some new strings on the guitars, oil up the trumpets (uh, right?) and get on stage. TRN has been in woodshedding mode since Stef gave birth to her beautiful son Ryan in November. We've written a bunch of new material, solidified our new lineup with Lucas Gillan on drums and Caleb Mitchell on trumpet, and rehearsed our butts off.

It's been so good to spend time with this new crew. The past few years have been a bit tumultuous for us with lots of last minute gigs and sub musicians. Having two new members who are as dedicated and talented as Caleb and Lucas makes us feel pretty damn fortunate. The chemistry in the rehearsal room seeps into the new material we've been writing. It motivates all of us to play our best and rededicate ourselves to the band.

I'm very excited about the new songs. "Up All Night" is a disco anthem that will have people on the dance floor from the first bar. I wanted to write a tune with a bass line worthy of Bernard Edwards, a hook that you can't forget, and a guitar part that would make Nile Rodgers smile. I think we got there. "Too Late" is a 6/8 burner that features the best (in my humble opinion) horn chart Jim Schram has ever written. And the backup vocals on the bridge? Chris and I got 'em! We've gone straight for the pop jugular on "Postcard." It has one of those choruses that Stef was born to sing. It's an anthem and she knocks it out of the park. "Starlight" holds special meaning for me. I wrote it when a loved one was going through some intense issues in his life. I wanted him to know that I'd be there for him in the darkest times, no matter what. It's a different lyrical topic for us (for whatever reason, we've been attached to betrayal and no-good cheats for a few years) and Stef does a superb job of making the story come alive.

It's really hard to be in a band and keep it all together and moving forward. A few years back I was down about the way things were going or not getting this or that gig. My friend who plays in a fairly popular band told me that Stanton Moore of Galactic gave him some good advice: "Just keep going. Just keep the band together. Don't stop." I think about that a lot. Keep writing. Keep playing. Keep rehearsing. Don't stop. Despite rough times over the past few years we've kept it together and made it out of the woods. I'm so excited for the next phase of TRN. I hope you'll join us on Thursday at the Double Door to be a part of our relaunch.