Funk is probably one of the most overused, and poorly applied, words in the music lexicon. So many bands have used it to describe their genre (and have done so inappropriately) that it's become pretty watered down and lost its meaning. I mean country funk? Really? But then there's Dumpstaphunk. Now THIS is a funk band. Stinky, low dow, nasty, greasy, New Orleans music. The grooves are simple and the tempos simmer just so. We saw them in Dayton at the Downtown Revival last weekend. Even without their guitarist Ian Neville (screw you Delta Airlines!), they put on an amazing show. To say that everyone in this band is a ringer is kind of an understatement: Ivan Neville on keys & Ian Neville on guitar ('nuff said); Tony Hall on bass/guitar (Daniel Lanois, Trey Anastasio Band, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris); Nick Daniels on bass (Neville Brothers bassist); and Nikki Glaspie on drums (Beyonce). The playing is simultaneously effortless and crushing.

Here's their tune "Everybody Wants Sum." They can sing their butts off as well.

TRN gets to share the stage with Dumpstaphunk this Friday September 14th at the lovely Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee. Tickets are still available here.