We've been working our tails off for the past three months and a HUGE show and it's just around the corner. It's happening Saturday June 11 at the legendary Fitzgerald's in Berwyn. After hearing the news in January that one of our idols, Otis Clay, passed away, the band decided to put on a tribute concert to honor Otis' life and music. He was a gentle soul, a generous man, and a hell of a singer, so devoting a concert to his varied catalogue (something the band has never done before) seemed like a no-brainer.

Otis' career encompassed so much American music: gospel, blues, deep soul, and R&B. We'll touch on all of the phases of his career, but the focus of the evening will be his seminal 1972 album Trying To Live My Life Without You. The LP was released on Willie Mitchell's Hi Records (heard of Al Green? Ann Peebles? Syl Johnson? All Hi artists). It's a magical recording that encapsulates everything great about soul music: blazing horn lines, deep grooves, touching ballads, and more. It's been an absolute joy to transcribe these tunes and learn from the masters of soul music.

TRN is getting a little help from our friends on this one. We put out the word to our pals JC Brooks, Ava Fain (Bumpus), Danny Fernandez (Kings Go Forth), Gina Bloom (The Congregation), and Bashiri Asad, and they all agreed to help out on vocal duties. We had a Sunday afternoon rehearsal a few weeks back and it was pretty damn fulfilling. Singer after singer walked through the door and just nailed it. This show is going to be something special, for sure.

Closing out the night will be the inimitable Sonny Knight & The Lakers from Minneapolis. We opened for The Lakers a few years ago and really enjoyed their show. It's a non stop dance party. Check it:

Tickets are available here. Don't miss out on an amazing evening of music!