New Year's Eve 2013 w/ Bernie Worrell!

I'll spare us all the year-end wrap-up blog post that seems to want to come out, and skip to the big deal: not only is The Right Now playing its first-ever New Year's Eve show (that seems crazy!); not only is it a free show in our hometown; but we'll be the opening act for the party that most of us would want to be at anyway: The Bernie Worrell Orchestra at Reggie's on State St. Someone throw your horns up in the air and give us a WOOOO! Ok, some of you don't know who Bernie Worrell is. That's ok - and you probably do know who he is without realizing it. He was founding member, ultra-weird keyboardist, and sometime musical director for Parliament, arguably the best funk band in history. That thrusting synth-bassline from "Flashlight," in all its variations - that's Bernie. All those not-fooling-anyone-into-thinking-it's-a-string-section synths that decorate "Give Up The Funk" (better known to some as "Weeeee want the funk!") - that's SO Bernie. The pew-pew-pew bop gun sound effects in "Bop Gun," - Bernie.  Fans of the Talking Heads might recognize him from the Stop Making Sense movie, and his additions to a few of their albums. (That intro and keyboard solo on "Burning Down The House"....yup!)


Since the 80s he's been touring with his own bands. I've seen him a few times and it's a reminder of how wonderful and weird and fun he is, even though he's a slight, soft-spoken guy. He wasn't just the keyboardist in a weird band; he was one of the main ingredients that made them weird! And in the most fun way.

Anyway - it's a huge honor to play a show with him, and we can't wait to bring the funk and get a lot in return. The show is free, so we hope some of you will turn out! 2013 has been a hell of a year - let's give it the killer send-off it deserves, and show 2014 what a party can look like!!