Lots of Love for Baltimore

It's been a whirlwind of a tour. We've had great shows, hit some new markets (DC & Baltimore), and forged some amazing friendships. One of the most unexpected moments on tour came Thursday in Baltimore. We didn't have any shows come through for Thursday so we did some last minute scrambling to land an in-studio at WTMD (thanks Dave Sanford/Distiller) and an in-store at Jojosouth Record Shop (thanks BT from JC Brooks). WTMD was pretty sweet. After a quick Starbucks run we were ready for a 3 song set and an extended interview with Eric. Scott Mullins also played the new record and paid us some real nice comments. It's great when people who hear tons of music all day, every day have good things to say.

We piled back in to the van to Jojosouth Record Shop in Hampden. With hours to kill before load in we weren't sure what to do in the hood. I texted Luke, the owner, for ideas and he told us to drop by early...for spinach lasagna. Those are two magic words to a band on the road.

We rolled up to an amazing spread of food and sparkling wine. JJ and Luke opened up their home and store to us with some downright jaw-dropping hospitality. We elected to cram the entire band into the tiny store to perform for a small but enthusiastic crowd. Here's a video of "Half As Much."

We can't express our gratitude enough to Luke and JJ as well as the folks at WTMD for making our first stop in Baltimore awesome. We will definitely be back in the fall.