JKriv's Song of the Week: Personal Touch's "It Ain't No Big Thing"

Ed. note: Jason Kriv (aka JKriv) brings you the post this week. His label Deep&Disco put out the "Call Girl" remixes. He also plays bass in Escort and will be performing with the disco group and TRN this Friday at The Metro. "Personal Touch - It Ain't No Big Thing" 1976 - PAP Records Written/Produced - Patrick Adams Arranged by Leroy Burgess

No self-respecting disco/funk/soul DJ is gonna be caught dead playing the 30 records you're liable to hear at a bar mitzvah.  Then again, some of those dusty cuts that crate-digging DJs spend their careers (and bank accounts) trying to unearth are rare for a reason, and better left to obscurity.  Here's one from Patrick Adams' ample oeuvre that never made it into the pop consciousness but is definitely worth a dusting-off.  To me this tune captures a moment in musical history perfectly:  1976, when R&B became disco.