Gets Over You is almost here! Roll call...

On April 10th, we unveil our second full-length album, Gets Over You. We recorded it in one inspired, exciting week with Sergio Rios of Orgone, in the August heat of Los Angeles. And now it's just about time to let this cat out of the bag... But at the moment, it's time for a little recognish for the people who had a hand in this record. We worked hard on it, but we sure as hell didn't do it by ourselves.

Sergio Rios welcomed us into Killion Sound, where his band Orgone has been making great-sounding records for years (including backing tracks for CeeLo Green and Alicia Keys). There's magic - and a lot of killer music gear - in that room, and Sergio surprised us by having us track without headphones, just the live sounds in the room. It gave the sessions a comfortable, live feel, almost like a rehearsal. I'm convinced he pulled some great performances out of us this way.

Greg Perkins of The RAM! Project designed the artwork for this album (and for our t-shirts, and our previous releases). We sent Greg the rough tracks early on, and he picked up on the lyrical themes - which really are pretty seedy. Greg took the photo on the cover years ago in Memphis and developed it into a voyeuristic "what are those two up to?" concept that we just love.

Christen Thomas of Press Wolf PR came on board as our publicist for this record. If you've just recently heard of The Right Now, Christen probably had a hand in it.

Lindsey Obermeier of Creens Design worked with us to create this sweet website. Sweet, huh?

Seth Thompson of Epiglotic Photographic shot our publicity & album photos, under the art direction of Rachel Epperson (who also does our stage wardrobe). Very noir, guys. Very cool.

Tim Reid helped us immeasurably while we were in L.A. - lining up accommodations (with the help of the Brooke, Mike, and Mary Anne Harvey) and trucking us back and forth to the studio each day. Tim was one of very few people to sit in on the sessions throughout the making the album.

Michael O'Connell has had our back, legally, the entire way. He's reviewed every contract we have to sign, and honestly, there's nothing like the peace of mind that comes with...well...peace of mind. Mike O'C, you're like Ambien in a crazy world. And in the bigger scheme of things, we have to thank Joe Shambro, our FOH sound engineer on the road, and Dave Berecz, who shares road-manager duties with Joe during our tours. We in the band get the applause at shows, but Joe and DB are with us every step of the way and we're beyond grateful. Somebody buy those guys a drink at our next show!

And you can puke in your mouth if you want to, but we really owe a huge debt to every one of our fans - because we've got some supportive, dedicated people in our corner. Whether they're giving us a place to crash after a gig, showing up to your 11th TRN show, buying the record, or just giving us a Facebook post to say you dig the music, we really really appreciate it. For those of you reading this to see if we mentioned you, yes - this is you. We love you.

The Right Now