Get This Record Now: DeRobert & The Half-Truths "I'm Tryin'"

Damn. I've known the fellas in the Nashville based DeRobert & The Half-Truths for a few years now. Lead singer Dee Adams has one of those "shut the hell up" voices that stops you dead in your tracks, smacks you in the face, and puts a big ole smile on it. The live shows are really something else. With a towel slung over his shoulder, Dee and the Half-Truths work the crowd into a frenzy with dance numbers and break it down with slow jams. I've seen Dee testify to the crowd, preach about the crazy shit he's been going through, and really connect with an audience. It's something to watch--and deeply moving.

But the new record? Damn.

It's something to be heard. The GED Soul Records crew hit this one out of the park. The songwriting and production elevate Dee's amazing vocals in a way I haven't heard before. There are tunes that are in the GED wheelhouse--up-tempo, hard funk cuts with nice unison horn lines. But what I love about this record are the textures and styles that I haven't heard as much from Dee before--the gospel clap and stomp of "I'm Tryin;" the smooth backups on "The Dole Pt. 2;" the bedroom soul of "Get On It." These guys are stretching out and definitely growing as a group.

Enough writing. Listen (and then buy) for yourself: