Call Girl Remixes Part 2

Deep&Disco is releasing part 2 of the "Call Girl" remixes on vinyl this coming Monday, 1/28. We really enjoyed Part 1 when it came out last June--the second half won't dissapoint. The 12" includes three remixes plus the original from Gets Over You. My personal fave is by UK's Hot Toddy. Check it out:

We're already getting great reviews on the remix package. Piccadilly Records in the UK had the following to say:

*STOP PRESS* These guys are gonna be huge, you heard it here first. Following on from Dave Walker's 'if Goat don't make the end of year chart I'm running down Market St. wearing nothing but a Goat's head' challenge. Then if this 12" isn't one of the twelve’s of the year, then I will, in turn, be 'a call girl' - for one night only though.

Shucks :) Preview all the tunes and pick up the 12" from Juno records here.