"Call Girl" remixes are downloadable!

The vinyl has been out for a couple weeks, but now Deep & Disco has released the second round of "Call Girl" remixes as mp3s on all the popular music-downloading sites of the day. We're hugely grateful to Jason Kriv, who we've worked with in various projects like Tortured Soul and Escort, for putting this project together. His Deep & Disco label is responsible for some hot stuff, and we're proud to be a part of it. That Hot Toddy mix in particular is a party-starter, and many of you have heard us integrate it into our live show. Grab one of these links to heat up your winter and kick up your dance party. There are even bonus tracks unavailable on the 12" vinyl...


"Call Girl" remixes on iTunes

"Call Girl" remixes on Amazon

"Call Girl" remixes on eMusic

"Call Girl" remixes on Juno