A little magic in the air

How quickly the time flies by. We released our last record in April 2012 - two years ago. The band has played a ton of gigs since then, and we've even set foot in a studio or two, and certainly a lot of songs have been written and demo'd. But recently, we've had some great experiences at Shirk Sound in Chicago, working with producer Neil Strauch. Everyone who works with The Right Now gets a brainless, derogatory nickname, so why'd it take so long for us to start calling him Neil Stroke? Sorry, man. I'm assuming no one reads this blog and that we're not adding any new irritation to your life. There's some new excitement around a handful of songs - six or seven of 'em - and it's a great feeling. We're still a long way off from our next release, but the energy and excitement are there. I'm guessing we'll surprise a few folks that have come to think of us (very reasonably) as a retro-soul band. There's a more modern feel to a lot of the songs that Brendan and Stef have been writing, and a couple songs really feel like singles. I don't say that lightly...we're very lucky to have a writing team with a batting average like Brendan and Stef. They struck gold on a few of these songs.

Our first album, Carry Me Home, was a painstaking process that took 14 months. Our second album, Gets Over You, involved a lot of prep time and only 8 days in the studio. This new project appears to be somewhere in the middle - we've definitely learned a lot since our first trip to a studio, but we're taking our time and rounding out the details. It's really comfortable. Tacos and skylights help.

We have basic tracks laid down for these six or seven songs (read: drums, bass, guitar, and some keys), and it's exciting to think how much more fleshed-out they'll sound as we add horns and other layers. That can be said of basically any band that goes into a studio, but I just wanted to take a minute and put it out there to our fans...new shit is on the rise! "Postcard" and "Starlight" are my favorites. You can also look for "I Can Just Ride," "Vacancy," "That's Enough," and "Hooked." And some others.

No dates are set yet, no predictions made, but it's nice to be recording again. See you on the road, faithful readers!